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Table 1 Identification of the DEPs involved in response to stress

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) seedlings under salt stress

Protein accession Protein description Organism NaCl/mock Ratio Regulated Type P value
CL11615.Contig12_All HSP90–1 Glycine max 1.309 Up 0.002683
CL1184.Contig9_All catalase Gossypium hirsutum 1.423 Up 4.87E-06
CL19789.Contig2_All win2 recursor (gi|413,920,555|gb|AFW60487.1|) Zea mays 1.405 Up 0.001196
CL23900.Contig3_All class III peroxidase Gossypium hirsutum 0.726 Down 0.00672
CL4062.Contig15_All dehydrin Phaseolus vulgaris 1.673 Up 0.009304
CL4797.Contig8_All PREDICTED: prostaglandin G/H synthase 2-like Glycine max 1.443 Up 0.002862
CL5745.Contig5_All PR10–5-like protein Gossypium barbadense 1.553 Up 0.000302
CL6768.Contig7_All PREDICTED: chaperone protein ClpB3, chloroplastic-like Vitis vinifera 1.571 Up 0.001656
Unigene22718_All Hsp90 Citrus sinensis 1.355 Up 0.008159
Unigene4878_All hypothetical protein SELMODRAFT (gi|300,155,731|gb|EFJ22362.1|) Selaginella moellendorffii 2.549 Up 1.03E-06
Unigene5063_All bacterial-induced peroxidase precursor Gossypium hirsutum 1.38 Up 0.000245
Unigene79931_All VDRG6(gi|83,356,301|gb|ABC16635.1|) Gossypium hirsutum 1.421 Up 0.000262
Unigene88386_All major latex-like protein Gossypium hirsutum 0.731 Down 0.000142
Unigene77507_All seed maturation protein PM37(gi|5,802,244|gb|AAD51625.1|) Glycine max 1.378 Up 0.013424
CL11615.Contig14_All hypothetical protein PRUPE_ppa002187mg Prunus persica 1.878 Up 4.31E-06
CL1365.Contig2_All hypothetical protein PRUPE_ppa009666mg Prunus persica 0.589 Down 0.000177
CL16938.Contig3_All uncharacterized protein (LOC100306513) Glycine max 1.304 Up 2.98E-06
Unigene21193_All hypothetical protein PRUPE_ppa010771mg Prunus persica 1.354 Up 0.008936
Unigene62233_All conserved hypothetical protein (gi|223,540,824|gb|EEF42384.1|) Ricinus communis 1.321 Up 0.000725