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Table 4 Gene ontology terms overrepresented among differentially expressed genes in muscle

From: A comparative analysis of the transcriptome profiles of liver and muscle tissue in pigs divergent for feed efficiency

Term Count B-H p-value
GO terms overrepresented among DEGs with higher expression in the LRFI group vs HRFI
 GO:0006464~cellular protein modification process 765 1.75E-16
 GO:0016070~RNA metabolic process 882 1.05E-12
 GO:0010467~gene expression 987 1.05E-12
 GO:0007049~cell cycle 371 4.46E-12
 GO:0051171~regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process 831 2.62E-11
 GO:0034645~cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process 921 2.43E-10
 GO:0006351~transcription, DNA-templated 684 2.94E-09
 GO:0070647~protein modification by small protein conjugation or removal 235 2.69E-08
 GO:0051276~chromosome organisation 256 5.62E-07
 GO:0006396~RNA processing 206 5.83E-07
GO terms overrepresented among DEGs with lower expression in the LRFI group vs HRFI
 GO:0007005~mitochondrion organization 204 1.31E-21
 GO:0045184~establishment of protein localisation 445 1.64E-14
 GO:0043603~cellular amide metabolic process 241 3.11E-11
 GO:1901566~organonitrogen compound biosynthetic process 311 5.75E-11
 GO:0033036~macromolecule localisation 562 1.57E-10
 GO:0051641~cellular localisation 514 2.00E-10
 GO:0006412~translation 167 5.88E-10
 GO:0006091~generation of precursor metabolites and energy 112 1.15E-09
 GO:0009199~ribonucleoside triphosphate metabolic process 87 4.70E-09
 GO:0055114~oxidation-reduction process 228 8.67E-09