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Table 3 List of genes discussed in the text

From: Cold acclimation triggers major transcriptional changes in Drosophila suzukii

Gene Gene IDa FCb Function or process
NaCP60E DS10_00003598 1.77 Transporters: ion channels
Ca-alpha1D DS10_00000955 1.54
KCNQ DS10_00002789 1.68
Hk DS10_00004874 1.51
Irk2 DS10_00011692 2.01
Irk3 DS10_00006400 2.44
Vha14–2 DS10_00012657 Only in CAF ATPase ion transporters
Vha68–1 DS10_00007687 1.44
VhaAC39–2 DS10_00009944 Only in CAF
VhaPPA1–2 DS10_00011222 Only in CAF
ppk15 DS10_00012645 Only in CAF Sodium transporters
ppk17 DS10_00000507 2.49
ppk5 DS10_00010923 Only in CAF
ppk9 DS10_00003499 Only in CAF
Oatp30B DS10_00001585 1.49 Organic anion transporters
Oatp33Ea DS10_00008440 2.64
Oatp33Eb DS10_00008442 1.50
Oatp58Dc DS10_00002075 2.44
Nha1 DS10_00001446 1.38 Sodium:proton transporters
Nha2 DS10_00010553 2.23
Nhe2 DS10_00001057 1.90
GABA-B-R2 DS10_00012213 2.08 Neurotransmitter receptors
nAChRbeta2 DS10_00012765 2.56
nAChRalpha7 DS10_00004780 1.57
DopEcR DS10_00010177 2.58
5-HT1B DS10_00005814 2.44
Grip DS10_00008207 1.59
GluRIIE DS10_00012665 2.45
mth DS10_00007901 Only in CAF GPCR involved in life span and stress response
mthl12 DS10_00003566 2.63
mthl14 DS10_00004634 1.71
mthl15 DS10_00000453 2.07
mthl9 DS10_00004608 1.77
Hex-t1 DS10_00012733 Only in CAF Carbohydrate metabolism
Hex-C DS10_00005493 1.46
Pepck1 DS10_00005716 1.58
AkhR DS10_00001466 2.56 Carbohydrate and lipid homeostasis
Desat1 DS10_00012265 2.07 Synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids
Hsc70–2 DS10_00009454 0.27 Molecular chaperones or co-chaperones
Hsp60C DS10_00006901 0.68
Hsp27 DS10_00003843 0.65
HIP-R DS10_00006110 0.76
Totz DS10_00013345 10.86
Hsp22 DS10_00003839 2.66
Cp7Fb DS10_00006848 0.02 Structural gene for eggshell formation (chorion)
Cp7Fc DS10_00006849 0.04
Cp15 DS10_00003769 0.04
Cp16 DS10_00003771 0.01
Cp18 DS10_00003768 0.00
Cp19 DS10_00003770 0.03
Cp36 DS10_00006850 0.09
Cp38 DS10_00006851 0.09
Yp1 DS10_00004890 0.13 Structural gene for the yolk (Vitellogenin)
Yp2 DS10_00004891 0.11
Yp3 DS10_00008400 0.16
Vm26Aa DS10_00007679 0.11 Oogenesis; vitelline membrane formation
Vm26Ab DS10_00008464 0.20
Vm32E DS10_00001909 0.11
Vm34Ca DS10_00001679 0.10
  1. aSpotted Wing Fly Base (
  2. bPositive and negative values of fold change (FC) for upregulated and downregulated in acclimated flies respectively. CAF cold acclimated females, COF Control Females