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Fig. 2

From: Guidance for DNA methylation studies: statistical insights from the Illumina EPIC array

Fig. 2

Extrapolation to a genome-wide significance threshold. Line graphs depicting the relationship between the number of DNA methylation sites (x-axis) and a) the effective number of independent tests (y-axis) and b) the multiple testing corrected threshold (−log10(p-value); y-axis) estimated after fitting a Monod function to the observed data presented in Fig. 1b. The observed values are plotted as the solid black line, and the estimated Monod model is plotted as a dashed line. The grey shaded region represents the 95% CI created by fitting a Monod model to the 95% CI of the subsampled data. The blue horizontal line represents the estimated asymptote of the Monod model of 5,803,067 independent tests equivalent to a genome-wide significance threshold of 8.62 × 10− 9

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