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Table 1 Known functions of the mapped subset of 43 DEGs in the virus main effect of our study

From: Transcriptomic responses to diet quality and viral infection in Apis mellifera

BeeBase ID, NCBI Gene ID Gene Name Known functions Us Galbraith
GB41545, 409187 MD-2-related lipid-recognition protein-like Implicated in lipid recognition, particularly in the recognition of pathogen related products N -
GB50955, 411577 Protein argonaute-2 Interacts with small interfering RNAs to form RNA-induced silencing complexes which target and cleave transcripts that are mostly from viruses and transposons V V
GB48755, 727455 UBA-like domain-containing protein 2 Found in diverse proteins involved in ubiquitin/proteasome pathways V V
GB47407, 406132 Histone H4 Capable of affecting transcription, DNA repair, and DNA replication when post-transcriptionally modified V V
GB42313, 409923 Leishmanolysin-like peptidase Encodes a protein involved in cell migration and invasion; implicated in mitotic progression in D. melanogaster V V
GB50813, 410127 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 11 Implicated in regulation of apoptopic processes, cell growth, signal transduction, and transcription V V
GB54503, 411255 Thioredoxin domain-containing protein Serves as a general protein disulphide oxidoreductase N -
GB53500, 100576392 Transcriptional regulator Myc-B Regulator gene that codes for a transcription factor V V
GB51305, 551252 Tropomyosin-like Related to protein involved in muscle contraction N N
GB50178, 726905 Cilia and flagella-associated protein 61-like Induces components required for wild-type motility and stable assembly of motile cilia V V
  1. Whether the gene was overrepresented in the virus or non-virus group is also indicated for both our study and the Galbraith study. Functionalities were extracted from Flybase, National Center for Biotechnology Information and The European Bioinformatics Institute databases