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Fig. 3

From: Differential expression of innate and adaptive immune genes in the survivors of three gibel carp gynogenetic clones after herpesvirus challenge

Fig. 3

KEGG pathway enrichment analysis. a-c Functional classification of DEUs in KEGG term “organismal systems” from s-H vs c-H (a), s-F vs c-F (b) and s-A+ vs c-A+ (c). The ID and percentage of each KEGG term are indicated in the pie chart. d-i Top 30 enriched KEGG pathways of specifically up- or down-regulated DEUs from s-H vs c-H, s-F vs c-F and s-A+ vs c-A+, respectively. The x-axis indicates the rich factor of each pathway and y-axis shows pathway. The color and size of dot indicates Q value and the number of DEUs assigned to the corresponding pathway respectively

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