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Table 3 Number of expressed genes with FPKM > 1 and of genes with changed FPKM values after selective RNA depletion for all groups based on the Ensembl 87 reference annotation

From: Development and evaluation of a milk protein transcript depletion method for differential transcriptome analysis in mammary gland tissue

Groupsa All genes with FPKM > 1 Genes with FPKM > 1 only after RNA depletion Genes with FPKM > 1 before and FPKM < 1 after RNA depletion
0 12,546 / /
A 12,773 554 315
B 12,817 582 304
  1. aSamples without RNA depletion (0) and with RNA depletion according to variants A (A) and B (B). Variants A and B differ in antisense oligonucleotide input for RNA depletion (see Materials and Methods)