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Table 4 Differential expression obtained from RNAseq data for selected genes in non-challenged udder samples compared to E. coli challenged samples

From: Development and evaluation of a milk protein transcript depletion method for differential transcriptome analysis in mammary gland tissue

Gene q-value1
02 A2 B2
IL6 0.092 0.019 0.002
CCL20 0.662 0.289 0.002
CCL16 0.057 0.019 0.004
TREM1 0.096 0.036 0.002
CCR2 0.189 0.200 0.022
CCR7 0.124 0.051 0.024
  1. 1 Statistical significance (q value) for differential expression between infected and non-infected samples
  2. 2Udder tissue samples without RNA depletion (0), with RNA depletion according to variants A (A) and B (B). Variants A and B differ in antisense oligonucleotide input for depletion (see Materials and Methods)