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Table 7 Final concentration of the antisense oligonucleotides in the RNA depletion assays

From: Development and evaluation of a milk protein transcript depletion method for differential transcriptome analysis in mammary gland tissue

Oligonucleotide pair Concentration [μM]
Variant A Variant B
LGB_R5, LGB_R6 16.66 25.0
LALBA_R6, LALBA_R7 16.66 25.0
CSN1S2_R3, CSN1S2_R4 8.33 25.0
CSN1S1_R7, CSN1S1_R8 16.66 25.0
CSN3_R6, CSN3_R7 9.0 25.0
CSN2_R4, CSN2_R5 25.0 25.0