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Fig. 5

From: Corrupted DNA-binding specificity and ectopic transcription underpin dominant neomorphic mutations in KLF/SP transcription factors

Fig. 5

KLF1-E339K-ER causes dysregulation of gene expression via aberrant activation of genes. a Venn diagram showing the overlap of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) from K1-ER and K1-E339K-ER 4sU-RNA-seq analysis. b Barcode plot demonstrating correlation of differentially expressed genes due to KLF1-E339K-ER (comparison of K1-E339K-ER cells versus K1; FDR < 0.05, Additional file 6: Table S2; red bars: upregulated genes; blue bars: downregulated genes) relative to gene expression changes due to KLF1-ER. Horizontal axis shows moderated t-statistic values for KLF1-ER. Red and blue worms show relative enrichment of up and downregulated genes (ROAST P-value < 0.01 for upregulated genes). c Scatter-plot of the log2 (fold change) of all genes called as significant in either K1-ER or K1-E339K-ER 4sU-RNA-seq analysis. Colors are consistent with those in the Venn diagram (A). Black dots represent genes that are significantly differentially regulated by both TFs

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