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Table 2 The different sets of MIC thresholds employed to assess the robustness of the classification results with AB in the case of P.aeruginosa

From: Identifying genetic determinants of complex phenotypes from whole genome sequence data

Drug Setting 1 Setting 2 Setting 3
Ciprofloxacin -1/1.5 0/2 -1/2
Ceftazidime 4/6 6/8 4/8
Gentamicin 4/6 6/8 4/8
  1. Shown are the thresholds θ1 / θ2 used on a log2 MIC scale: for instance, setting 1 for Ciprofloxacin means that MIC is low when ≤−1 (θ1=−1), high when MIC >1.5 (θ2=1.5), and medium in-between