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Fig. 3

From: The initiation of puberty in Atlantic salmon brings about large changes in testicular gene expression that are modulated by the energy status

Fig. 3

Functional enrichment of maturation-induced gene expression in the salmon testis. a The data set containing modulated genes at puberty (i.e. 1262) was mapped (after GO enrichment analysis) resulting in a network of functionally related gene sets (red nodes) that form enrichment groups. Nodes represent statistically significant GO terms (P < 0.005 at the α level of 0.05, FDR < 0.01, overlap < 0.5) and links (grey edges) indicate the number of overlapping genes (indicated by their thickness) between connected sets. Groups of closely related GO terms are encircled with dashed lines and labeled. Number of identified genes is shown in brackets. b KEGG pathways identified in the maturing salmon testis. Each pathway shown is represented by at least 5 DEGs (P < 0.01 at the α level of 0.05, FDR < 0.05) and has a ratio of regulated genes (up−/down-, or vice versa) higher than 5. DEGs are highlighted with red (up-) or green (down-regulated) background

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