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Fig. 4

From: A simplified transposon mutagenesis method to perform phenotypic forward genetic screens in cultured cells

Fig. 4

Predicting the functional impact of transposon insertion on individual candidate genes. The gCIS2 pipeline employs an algorithm for each gene that has ≥5 independent insertions to predict the impact of transposon insertion on the gene (i.e. over-expression or gene disruption). a The gCIS2 pipeline also determines the skewness and kurtosis values for the distribution of transposon insertions across the gene. These values can be evaluated by the user to further distinguish between different mechanisms of over-expression (i.e. full-length vs. 5’truncation). b Actual skewness and kurtosis values are shown for the candidate drivers of vemurafenib resistance identified in A375 cells. [dashed lines indicate the 1–99% intervals for skewness and kurtosis obtained from the analysis of 20 independent simulated data sets (see Methods)]

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