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Table 2 Annotation results for the Echiniscoides cf. sigismundi and Richtersius cf. coronifer transcriptomes (data from BGI)

From: Comparative transcriptomics suggest unique molecular adaptations within tardigrade lineages

Annotation Echiniscoides cf. sigismundi Richtersius cf. coronifer
Number of Unigenes 31,601 55,053
Unigenes with hits in NR database 13,388 20,001
Unigenes with hits in NT database 4334 3865
Unigenes with hits in Swiss-Prot database 12,295 18,132
Unigenes with KEGG pathways 10,519 15,898
Unigenes with hits in COG database 6042 9195
Unigenes with GO terms 6047 10,853
Total annotated Unigenes 14,159 20,326
Protein coding region prediction
 Unigenes mapped to protein databasesa 13,578 20,043
 Unigenes with predicted CDS (ESTscan) 7359 3322
  1. aNR, Swiss-Prot, KEGG and COG databases