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Fig. 6

From: Transcriptional profiling of spiny lobster metamorphosis reveals three new additions to the nuclear receptor superfamily

Fig. 6

P. ornatus nuclear receptor gene expression and predicted domain structure Gene expression measured by RLE is plotted for 12 nuclear receptors throughout the 12 developmental stages sampled, covering three phyllosoma molts (grey dashed vertical lines) and the phyllosoma and puerulus metamorphoses (red dashed vertical lines). The scale bar above the expression plots shows time in days, drawing attention to the higher temporal resolution during the pre-metamorphic 11.2 stage. The solid black circles above this scale bar denote sampling events. Each level of the plot represents the relative expression of a nuclear receptor, measured as mean RLE (n = 3), normalized to the maximum expression of each gene (black area plots). The grey area plot stacked on top shows the standard error. The absolute expression level in RLE is shown as a log-scaled blue column on the right-hand edge of each expression plot; the first level includes a scale bar which applies to all levels. The corresponding protein domain structure is shown to the right of each expression plot level, as predicted by NCBI’s CD-search tool. Box A draws attention to a series of nuclear receptors which express prior to the phyllosoma metamorphosis and box B highlights those which express prior to the puerulus metamorphosis.

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