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Fig. 1

From: What makes a bad egg? Egg transcriptome reveals dysregulation of translational machinery and novel fertility genes important for fertilization

Fig. 1

a: Heat map showing unsupervised clustering of the 66 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) between good and bad quality eggs from 32 clutches of fertilized zebrafish eggs. Yellow signal denotes upregulation, blue signal denotes downregulation, and black defines no change in expression. b: Gene ontology analysis using the DAVID online program of the 55 DEGs with known information. The enriched terms are shown on the y-axis and the fold enrichment is on the x-axis. Annotated terms are derived from UniProtKB keywords (pink circle); Gene Ontology BP (red circle), MF (blue circle), and CC (yellow circle); and KEGG pathways (green circle). Statistical significance is represented by the colored squares next to the enriched terms

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