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Fig. 6

From: Uncovering the molecular signature underlying the light intensity-dependent root development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Fig. 6

Genes involved in light, hormone and clock-regulated pathways are differentially expressed under 150 vs 112 μmol m − 21 light intensity. Light signaling genes (1a) COL3, (1bEPR1 and (6.2c) PIF4 showed differential regulation; (2a) ARF4 and (2bARF2 genes involved in auxin signaling were differentially expressed; (3) TOC1 gene showed variability in its expression in case of WT; (4a) ARR6 and (4bCIP1 genes were differentially expressed in Ler, 35S::PhyBGFP, phyB-5 and phyB-5 respectively under 150 vs 112 μmol m 21 light intensity. qRT-PCR was performed with root samples of 5-days old seedlings. Analysis has been described in the method section

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