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Fig. 5

From: Prediction of regulatory long intergenic non-coding RNAs acting in trans through base-pairing interactions

Fig. 5

Anti-coexpression between XLOC_004169 lincRNA and its immediate neighboring gene AT5G20480. a, Heatmap showing the steady-state level of lincRNA XLOC_004169 (column 0) at its neighbors located within a window of 10,000 nt upstream (genes indexed as − 1 to − 3) or downstream (indexes 1 and 2). The color code indicate the DESeq2 normalized readcount measure for each gene in each of the 12 experimental conditions analyzed. The black frame highlight the lincRNA XLOC_004169 and its immediate downstream neighbor AT5G20480 showing a negative correlation. b, Plot reporting the Pearson correlation coefficient calculated from the steady-state levels across the 12 experimental conditions analyzed between the lincRNA and each neighbor gene (indexed by their position relative to lincRNA, similarly to A). c, Plot showing the density of reads from total RNA-seq in untreated root (Ctrl Roots) and untreated shoot (Ctrl Shoots) samples. The grey arrows indicate the chromosomic location and orientation of the lincRNA XLOC_004169 and AT5G20480

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