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Table 2 trans-NATs correlated with target mRNA steady-state level. For each trans-NAT / target pair, the fold change in RNA steady-state level and associated adjusted p value are indicated in columns tNAT_FC and tNAT_pval for transNAT, trgt_FC and trgt_pval for target gene. The experimental conditions compared are indicated in the column “Comparison” where “ctrl” refers to untreated control

From: Prediction of regulatory long intergenic non-coding RNAs acting in trans through base-pairing interactions

trans-NAT Target tNAT_FC tNAT_pval trgt_FC trgt_pval Comparison Correlation
XLOC_003697 AT4G28790 2.8 3.6E-9 2.43 2.9E-8 Root ctrl_Shoot ctrl Positive
XLOC_000486 AT1G66320 2.27 0.017 3.88 2.2E-4 Root ctrl_Shoot ctrl Positive
XLOC_002538 AT3G48640 0.06 6.5E-6 0.21 1.3E-6 Root ctrl_Shoot ctrl Positive
XLOC_001309 AT3G22370 0.33 0.0013 0.28 5.3E-12 Root ctrl_Shoot ctrl Positive
XLOC_003241 AT4G01770 2.79 0.0025 4.57 1.2E-12 Root ctrl_Shoot ctrl Positive
XLOC_003681 AT5G41380 0.06 8.6E-17 4.73 3.7E-8 Root ctrl_Shoot ctrl Negative
XLOC_002538 AT5G66670 0.06 6.5E-6 3.7 3.8E-10 Root ctrl_Shoot ctrl Negative
XLOC_001125 AT1G63350 5.12 1.8E-7 0.44 1.2E-5 Root ABA_Root ctrl Negative