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Fig. 8

From: Transcriptome analysis of virulence-differentiated Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum isolates during cucumber colonisation reveals pathogenicity profiles

Fig. 8

Verification of observed expression levels of differentially expressed genes of Foc under induction of cucumber in the transcriptome analysis, using quantitative reverse transcription PCR. The relative expression levels of 12 unigenes (Unigene 9558_All, Unigene9396_All, Unigene9029_All, Unigene 6200_All, Unigene9119_All, Unigene11126_All, Unigene10703_All, Unigene751_All, Unigene7301_All, Unigene1756_All, CL2721. Contig2_All, CL3376. Contig1_All) were determined in vitro and in planta. The bars in blue represent vegetative growth in vitro, and red represent infection of cucumber; W and I represent the weakly (WT) and highly (InVir) virulent strains, respectively; Numbers after the letters represent the sample time points (hours). 0 h represents the strains grown on media. Error bars indicate the standard deviation of three replicates

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