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Table 7 List of miRNA primers for RT-qPCR

From: Regulation of terpenoid biosynthesis by miRNA in Persicaria minor induced by Fusarium oxysporum

miRNA Sequence (5′ to 3′)
5.8 s rRNA 5′-ACG TCT GCC TGG GTG TCA CAA-3′ (Forward)
Pmi-miR396a 5′-GTT CAA GAA AGC TGT GGG A-3′ (Forward)
Pmi-miR6173 5′-GGG GGA GCC GTA AAC GAT GGA TA-3′ (Forward)
Pmi-miR398f/g 5′-TGT GTC CTC AGG TCG CCC CCA-3′ (Forward)
Pmi-miR530 5′-TAT CTG CAT TGT CAC CTG CAC CA-3′ (Forward)
Pmi-miR6300 5′-GGG GGT GGT TGT AGT ATA GTG GA-3′ (Forward)
Pmi-nov_12 5′-GAA AGA GGA AGT GAA AGT GAA-3′ (Forward)
Pmi-nov_13 5′-GAG GAG TTG GTG GAG GAA-3′ (Forward)