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Table 1 Number of genes that are differentially expressed (q < 0.15) in males and females of the different treatment groups (EE2-treated or control) tested at (a) embryo stage, (b) hatchling stage, and (c) juvenile stage at the onset of exogenous feeding

From: Sex-specific changes in gene expression in response to estrogen pollution around the onset of sex differentiation in grayling (Salmonidae)

  Control females EE2-exposed males EE2-exposed females
a) Embryos
 Control males 10 383 369
 Control females   2 15
b) Hatchlings
 Control males 21,190 1a 0
 Control females   1 20,420
c) Juveniles
 Control males 466 4 5
 Control females   2,986 9,979
  1. a 10,683 with q < 0.25, see Additional file 1: Figure S5