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Table 4 Number of single-nucleotide variants (SNVs) obtained by mapping of mRNA-seq data from N. benthamiana and N. sylvestris against the Nb-1 reference genome sequence, considering only variants within coding exons

From: Genome and transcriptome characterization of the glycoengineered Nicotiana benthamiana line ΔXT/FT

  Cov. Positions SNVs SNVs/Mbp
WT (AT) 8,630,008 556 64
ΔXT/FT (AT) 8,651,732 562 65
LAB (AU) 11,483,694 789 69
N. benthamiana (CN) 6,574,943 495 75
N. benthamiana (KR) 10,517,109 695 66
N. benthamiana (SA) 8,717,762 562 64
N. benthamiana (SE) 11,074,510 719 65
N. sylvestris 7,990,760 65,140 8,152
  1. Covered positions: positions with a minimum coverage of 4x; SNVs: total number of variants detected in coding regions; SNVs/Mbp: number of variants per Megabase of coding sequence. Sample names are specified in the first column. Countries of origin are specified as follows: Australia (AU), Austria (AT), China (CN), Saudi Arabia (SA), South Korea (KR), Sweden (SE)