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Fig. 5

From: Insertion/deletion-activated frame-shift fluorescence protein is a sensitive reporter for genomic DNA editing

Fig. 5

DNA sequence of genomic regions containing the FsCFP with RRS targeting sequence in cells with or without gRNA-Cas9. HEK193T cells were stably transduced with the FsCFP reporter having a target sequence derived from Chinese hamster RRS gene. The genomic region around the target sequence was amplied by a nested PCR strategy and analyzed with Sanger sequencing. a A representative chromatogram of the senquencing result for cells carrying only the reporter is shown. The target site for gRNA and the translation result from the start codon (ATG) was indiated. b A representative sequencing chromatogram for CFP-positive cells sorted by flowcytometry, which carry the reporter, wildtype gRNA and Cas9. The remainent of the target site is indicated, which appear to undergo a deletion event after the genome editing event. The translated sequence from start codon (ATG) is indicated, which is expected to generate a full-length functional CFP (indicated by the arrow)

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