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Table 6 Enriched GO terms from the differentially expressed genes found between T10 and Tvar, in the brain

From: Cold seawater induces early sexual developmental stages in the BPG axis of European eel males

  OVER/UNDER GO ID GO Term GO Category FDR P-Value
1 OVER GO:0006955 immune response BP 5.83E-08 3.10E-12
2 OVER GO:0002376 immune system process BP 8.94E-07 9.52E-11
3 OVER GO:0006952 defense response BP 1.09E-04 1.74E-08
4 OVER GO:0002684 positive regulation of immune system process BP 5.86E-04 1.25E-07
5 OVER GO:0050778 positive regulation of immune response BP 0.0017 5.71E-07
6 OVER GO:0045087 innate immune response BP 0.0017 5.11E-07
7 OVER GO:0042571 immunoglobulin complex, circulating CC 0.0027 1.03E-06
8 OVER GO:0009897 external side of plasma membrane CC 0.0060 2.57E-06
9 OVER GO:0050776 regulation of immune response BP 0.0070 3.36E-06
10 OVER GO:0006909 phagocytosis BP 0.0070 3.75E-06
11 OVER GO:0002682 regulation of immune system process BP 0.0079 4.63E-06
12 OVER GO:0002253 activation of immune response BP 0.0087 5.59E-06
13 OVER GO:0002449 lymphocyte mediated immunity BP 0.0111 8.53E-06
14 OVER GO:0003823 antigen binding MF 0.0111 8.16E-06
15 OVER GO:0034987 immunoglobulin receptor binding MF 0.0111 8.88E-06
16 OVER GO:0051574 positive regulation of histone H3-K9 methylation BP 0.0166 1.41E-05
17 OVER GO:0048002 antigen processing and presentation of peptide antigen BP 0.0173 1.57E-05
18 OVER GO:0006956 complement activation BP 0.0196 1.88E-05
19 OVER GO:0019814 immunoglobulin complex CC 0.0209 2.11E-05
20 OVER GO:0072376 protein activation cascade BP 0.0213 2.27E-05
21 OVER GO:0005773 vacuole CC 0.0250 2.79E-05
22 OVER GO:0006089 lactate metabolic process BP 0.0256 3.00E-05
23 OVER GO:0045321 leukocyte activation BP 0.0303 3.71E-05
24 OVER GO:0006910 phagocytosis, recognition BP 0.0321 4.11E-05
25 OVER GO:0002764 immune response-regulating signaling pathway BP 0.0321 4.27E-05
26 OVER GO:0005764 lysosome CC 0.0326 5.12E-05
27 OVER GO:0006954 inflammatory response BP 0.0326 5.06E-05
28 OVER GO:0002757 immune response-activating signal transduction BP 0.0326 5.01E-05
29 OVER GO:0000323 lytic vacuole CC 0.0326 5.21E-05
30 OVER GO:0009986 cell surface CC 0.0326 4.94E-05
31 OVER GO:0098797 plasma membrane protein complex CC 0.0329 5.43E-05
32 OVER GO:0042611 MHC protein complex CC 0.0338 5.75E-05
33 OVER GO:0019882 antigen processing and presentation BP 0.0409 7.39E-05
34 OVER GO:0006958 complement activation, classical pathway BP 0.0409 7.29E-05
35 OVER GO:0002250 adaptive immune response BP 0.0421 7.85E-05
36 OVER GO:0098552 side of membrane CC 0.0426 8.16E-05
  1. Enriched GO terms from the differentially expressed genes found between T10 and Tvar, in the brain. OVER/UNDER indicates rather a term is over or under represented, respectively. GO Categories are biological processes (BP), molecular function (MF), and cellular component (CC). False discovery rate corrected P-values are presented in the column labeled FDR