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Fig. 4

From: How do Wolbachia modify the Drosophila ovary? New evidences support the “titration-restitution” model for the mechanisms of Wolbachia-induced CI

Fig. 4

Classification of sRNAs in Dmel T and Dmel wMel ovaries. Dmel T: Drosophila melanogaster treated with tetracycline (without Wolbachia); Dmel wMel: D. melanogaster infected with wMel Wolbachia. miRNA: microRNA; piRNA: Piwi-interacting RNA; snRNA: small nuclear RNA; sonRNA: small nucleolar RNA; rRNA: ribosome RNA; tRNA: transfer RNA; repeat: repeative sRNA sequences; exon:+: exon sense; exon:-: exon antisense; intron:+: intron sense; intron:-: intron antisense; other: unannotated sRNA

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