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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes selected for qRT-PCR validation in adult ovaries in the presence of Wolbachia

From: How do Wolbachia modify the Drosophila ovary? New evidences support the “titration-restitution” model for the mechanisms of Wolbachia-induced CI

Relative expression levelGene symbolLog2 Fold difference
(Log2 Dmel wMel/ Dmel T)
Biological functions
Up-regulateduif5.9542Negative regulation of Notch signaling pathway
RpL22-like5.3421Structural cosntituent of ribosome, protein metabolism
dany2.1552Regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter involved in spermatogenesis
otk21.0471Imaginal disc-derived female genitalia morphogenesis
CG32054aNo expression in Dmel TIntegral component of membrane
CG10659aNo expression in Dmel TNitrogen compound metabolic process
Down-regulatedCG5111−1.3823Protein ubiquitination
Twdlβ−1.8867Chitin-based cuticle development
Def−2.4344Response to bacterium
AttC−2.5815Response to bacterium
CG18258−3.2454Lipid metabolic process
nompC−5.7343Response to stimulus
Cpr76Bd−6.3724Chitin-based cuticle development
CG6435aNo expression in Dmel wMelLysozyme activity
pgant8aNo expression in Dmel wMelOligosaccharide biosynthetic process
  1. aNo expression in Dmel T or Dmel wMel indicate that the gene can not be detected by RNA-seq