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Table 4 Identification of differentially expressed miRNAs and their targets in adult ovaries of Wolbachia-infected flies relative to uninfected ones

From: How do Wolbachia modify the Drosophila ovary? New evidences support the “titration-restitution” model for the mechanisms of Wolbachia-induced CI

miRNALog2 Fold difference
(Log2 Dmel wMel/ Dmel T)
Target geneFold difference
(Log2 Dmel wMel/ Dmel T)
Biological functions of target genes
dme-miR-982-5p3.9511sosie−1.1911Ovarian follicle cell migration
dme-miR-983-5p2.8377blanks2.0137Regulation of chromatin silencing
dme-miR-982-3p1.8142nompC−5.7343Cellular response to mechanical stimulus
 Mal-A73.5326Carbohydrate metabolic process
 tut1.4346Negative regulation of translation
dme-miR-318-3p1.3118Mlc2−1.1691Muscle system process, myofibril assembly
Oamb1.0821Ovulation, male courtship behavior
sosie−1.1911Ovarian follicle cell migration
dme-miR-956-3p1.2088tipE1.711Regulation of sodium ion transport
nolo−1.7481Ventral cord development
dme-miR-983-3p1.1192scro1.5012Dendrite morphogenesis
Rab3-GEF1.1454Regulation of cell cycle
Neurochondrin−1.0955Muscle system process