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Fig. 4

From: Genome-wide identification of AGO18b-bound miRNAs and phasiRNAs in maize by cRIP-seq

Fig. 4

The AGO18b binding feature on miR2275 and its impact on 24-nt phasiRNA production. a Box plot showing the expression level of miR2118 and miR2275 for sRNA libraries, respectively. All miR2218 isoforms (miR2218a-miR2218g) were shown in one box together. b The secondary structure of zma-miR2275a and zma-miR2275b. Green and purple nucleotides represent the 5p and 3p strand of mature miRNA, respectively. c Bar plot showing the expression level for 5p and 3p miRNAs of miR2275a and miR2275b, respectively. AGO18b and IgG samples were plotted side by side. d Bar plot showing the relative level of miR2775a and miR2775b by RT-qPCR validation. e Model diagram showing the possible mechanism that AGO18b may sequester miR2275 3p and therefore prevents the 24-nt phasiRNA production

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