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Fig. 8

From: Evidence for a non-canonical JAK/STAT signaling pathway in the synthesis of the brain’s major ion channels and neurotransmitter receptors

Fig. 8

Binding of HP1⍺ to STAT3 is enhanced by BDNF signaling in neurons. a Representative Western Blot image of coimmunoprecipitation assays using whole-cell extracts of 9-DIV primary cortical neurons treated (30 min) with Water or 0.7 nM BDNF. Protein was precipitated with a specific HP1⍺ antibody (Cell Signaling Technologies #2616) and the elution analyzed by SDS-PAGE. Membrane was immunoblotted with an anti-STAT3 antibody (Cell Signaling Technologies #4904) to detect co-association of HP1⍺ with STAT3, (n = 4). b Quantitation of STAT3 association with HP1⍺ from dataset in “A”. c Representative Western Blot image: Inhibitors of JAK/STAT signaling (WP1066 (WP) and Ruxolitinib 2 (RX2)) reduce HP1α antibody precipitation of STAT3. Data was normalized to βactin levels which did not change upon BDNF treatment, * = p < 0.05

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