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Table 4 – Overlaps between the 20 QTL detected herein, and QTL previously mapped for fatness traits using the same chicken population (Embrapa F2 Chicken Resource Population)

From: Genome-wide association scan for QTL and their positional candidate genes associated with internal organ traits in chickens

GGA_Mb Genomic window Associated trait Fatness associated trait [32]
(first and last SNP)
1 (166–170) rs15488636 – rs13972577 GIZZWT CFC
7_36 rs316261866 - rs315360554 INTES CFC, CFCDM
27_3 rs14302748 - rs312772391 INTES ABF
28_0 rs313774457 - rs312701176 GIZZP ABFP
  1. ABF: abdominal fat weight in grams; ABFP: abdominal fat percentage; CFC: carcass fat content in grams; CFCDM: carcass fat content on a dry matter basis
  2. 1Map position based on Gallus_gallus-5.0, NCBI assembly