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Table 5 Genomic windows associated with internal organ traits that harbor PCGs

From: Genome-wide association scan for QTL and their positional candidate genes associated with internal organ traits in chickens

GGA (Mb) Trait associated PCG1 Ensembl gene ID2
1 (166) GIZZWT TNFSF11 ENSGALG00000026163
1 (167) GIZZWT GTF2F2 ENSGALG00000016974
SPERT ENSGALG00000016981
KCTD4 ENSGALG00000016975
1 (168) GIZZWT HTR2A ENSGALG00000016992
RB1 ENSGALG00000016997
4 (72) INTES, GIZZWT PCDH7 3,4 ENSGALG00000033883
4 (76) GIZZWT LCORL 4 ENSGALG00000014421
LDB2 ENSGALG00000014485
7 (36) INTES NR4A2 3 ENSGALG00000012538
GPD2 3 ENSGALG00000012543
15 (6) LIVP PTPN11 ENSGALG00000004821
18 (4) GIZZP ITGB4 ENSGALG00000002389
19 (6) INTES SLC6A4 ENSGALG00000004246
  1. 1Positional candidate genes
  2. 2Ensembl gene ID based on Galgal5 (Ensembl Genes 93 Database)
  3. 3Indicates that the positional candidate gene was annotated within a selection signature region [33]
  4. 4Indicates that this positional candidate gene was annotated within a haplotype block that harbor the SNP with the highest model frequency