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Fig. 6

From: Minor intron splicing revisited: identification of new minor intron-containing genes and tissue-dependent retention and alternative splicing of minor introns

Fig. 6

Minor introns are alternatively spliced in a tissue-dependent manner. a Schematic of the nine interrogated AS events. Red line denotes the minor intron. b Bubbleplot reflecting AS usage across minor introns in eleven mouse tissues. Size of the circle represents the number of introns that passed the filtering criteria, the colour represents the type of AS. See also Methods. c Sashimi plot of Tmem87b showing tissue-dependent usage of a cryptic exon within the minor intron. Only arcs representing > 10 reads were included. d Gel image of RT-PCR products for Tmem87b across different tissues. Products were cut with AvaI restriction enzyme to determine tissue-specific isoform usage. Predicted product sizes are shown below the gene schematic. Red line denotes the minor intron. %MSI was calculated using ImageJ by quantifying respective band intensity. e Gel images of RT-PCR products for Dram2, Tctn1 and Pdpk1 across different tissues. Schematic of identified transcripts on the right. f Bargraph representing the number of alternatively spliced transcripts predicted to be translated into protein, or targeted for non-sense mediated decay (NMD) or non-stop mediated decay (NSD). MSI = mis-splicing index

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