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Table 2 Species used in this study and their mitogenome GenBank accession numbers

From: First record of translocation in Culicidae (Diptera) mitogenomes: evidence from the tribe Sabethini

Species References GenBank
Sabethes undosus This study MK575488
Trichoprosopon pallidiventer This study MK575490
Runchomyia reversa This study MK575487
Limatus flavisetosus This study MK575482
Wyeomyia confusa This study MK575492
Sabethes chloropterus [13] MF957172
Sabethes glaucodaemon [13] MF957173
Sabethes belisarioi [13] MF957171
Aedes aegypti [38] MF194022
Aedes albopictus [39] KR068634
Culex quinquefasciatus [12] GU188856
Culex pipiens [40] KT851543
Ochlerotatus vigilax [41] KP721463
Haemagogus janthinomys [42] KT372555
Nyssorhynchus darlingi a [43] GQ918272
Kerteszia cruzii a [10] KU551289
  1. a According to Foster et al. [44]