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Table 3 Results of Differential Expression Analysis between ovary and testis simples

From: De novo gonad transcriptome analysis of the common littoral shrimp Palaemon serratus: novel insights into sex-related genes

  Number of transcripts
Ovary and testis transcriptome 39,186
DEGs between ovary and testis: 11,087
Up-regulated genes in ovary 6207
Ovary-specific genes 2997
Up-regulated genes in testis 4880
Testis-specific genes 2853
Gonad up-regulated genes (G) 3646
G-genes and DEGs between ovary and testis: 2852
Up-regulated genes in ovary 1708
Ovary-specific genes 712
Up-regulated genes in testis 1144
Testis-specific genes 400