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Table 6 Inventory of sex-related genes not differentially expressed between sexes in this study

From: De novo gonad transcriptome analysis of the common littoral shrimp Palaemon serratus: novel insights into sex-related genes

Gene Gene annotation Sequence ID Length (bp) ORF FDR p-value Gonad up-regulated
β-catenin Beta-catenin TRINITY_DN68450_c3_g1_i1 4487 complete 0.28 no
Err Estrogen-related receptor TRINITY_DN62849_c1_g1_i1 3564 complete 0.02 no
Fem-1a Feminization factor 1a TRINITY_DN72410_c0_g1_i3 2424 complete 0.27 no
Fem-1c Feminization factor 1c TRINITY_DN67155_c0_g1_i1 4405 complete 0.05 no
Foxl2 Forkhead box L2 TRINITY_DN67281_c5_g1_i1 3329 complete 0.95 yes
Fst Follistatin TRINITY_DN65522_c1_g2_i4 3175 complete 0.22 no
Kifc1 Kinesin-like protein KIFC1 TRINITY_DN70471_c2_g1_i10 3013 complete 0.25 no
Msl3 Male-specific lethal 3 TRINITY_DN62887_c0_g2_i3 3270 complete 0.20 no
Ptgr1 Prostaglandin reductase 1 TRINITY_DN59739_c0_g1_i3 1538 complete 0.99 no
Sxl Sex-lethal TRINITY_DN60874_c2_g1_i16 1340 complete 0.46 no
Tra-2 Transformer 2 TRINITY_DN66599_c7_g4_i2 1920 3′ partial 0.31 no
Vasa Vasa TRINITY_DN61866_c4_g1_i1 2619 complete 0.73 yes
Dmrt11E* Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor 11E TRINITY_DN65796_c0_g1_i1 2931 complete   
Iag* Insulin-like androgenic gland factor TRINITY_DN53120_c0_g1_i3 433 internal   
Wnt4* Wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 4 TRINITY_DN24615_c0_g1_i1 425 internal   
Chh Crustacean hyperglycemic hormone TRINITY_DN70124_c2_g1_i2 844 complete 0.93 no
Mih* Molt inhibiting hormone TRINITY_DN72393_c0_g2_i1 755 complete   
EcR Ecdysone receptor TRINITY_DN75882_c1_g1_i6 5148 complete 0.96 no
  1. Asterisk indicates genes with a TPM value < 1