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Table 1 Summary statistics for traits studied in the Populus trichocarpa association population. Columns “Mean”, “Std. Dev.”, “C.V” and “ \( {\hat{H}}_c^2 \) ” were extracted from Guerra et al. [5]. "R.A.", Relative abundance

From: Exome resequencing and GWAS for growth, ecophysiology, and chemical and metabolomic composition of wood of Populus trichocarpa

TraitUnitMeanStd. Dev.C.V. (%)H2c
GrowthDiameter (DBH)mm53.27.914.80.52
Height (h)dm67.
Volume index (Vol)m30.0160.00531.30.53
PhenologyDays to bud flush (DBF)Julian days87.
EcophysiologyLeaf C content% DW44.
Leaf N content% DW3.
Leaf C:N ratio (C:N)kg C/kg N14.
Leaf Δ19.
Leaf δ 15N2.50.416.00.25
Specific leaf area (SLA)m2/kg DW121.512.50.27
N content: SLA ratio (NArea)g N/m22.80.414.30.28
Wood chem. ComponentsWood 5-carbon sugars (C5)%362.26.10.07
Wood 6-carbon sugars (C6)%
Wood lignin%22.714.40.15
Wood syringil:guayacil ratio (S:G)fold1.
Wood metabolitesGalactonic acid (GAc)R.A.0.60.462.80.22
Galactinol (Gal)R.A.
Alpha tocopherol (Toc)R.A.69.331.144.90.16
Adenosine (Ade)R.A.
4-Hydroxybenzoic acid (HbA)R.A.5.94.678.30.45