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Table 4 Cloning and functional analysis of regulatory genes of the phenylpropanoid pathway in R. genevieri and R. idaeus cv. Prestige

From: RNA-seq, de novo transcriptome assembly and flavonoid gene analysis in 13 wild and cultivated berry fruit species with high content of phenolics

SpeciesGene function (Subgroup)Cloned geneaTransient / Stable transformationb
R. genevieriR2R3-type MYB TF (SG6)RgMyb10 (654 nt/217 aa; KY111315)T / S
R2R3-type MYB TF (SG7)RgMyb12 (1296 nt/431 aa; KY111316)T / S
PhAN1-like bHLH TF (SG IIIf-1)RgAn1-1 (2100 nt/699 aa; KY123749)T / -
PhAN1-like bHLH TF (SG IIIf-1)RgAn1-2 (2103 nt/700 aa; KY123750)T / S
PhAN1-like bHLH TF (SG IIIf-1)RgAn1-3 (2100 nt/699 aa; KY123751)T / S
AmDEL-like bHLH TF (SG IIIf-2)RgDel (1929 nt/642 aa; KY111317)T / S
WD40-repeat proteinRgTTG1-1 (1041 nt/346 aa; MH460860)T / S
WD40-repeat proteinRgTTG1-2 (1041 nt/346 aa; MH460861)T / -
R. idaeus cv. PrestigeR2R3-type MYB TF (SG6)RiMyb10 (654 nt/217 aa; KY111313)T / S
R2R3-type MYB TF (SG7)RiMyb12 (1272 nt/423 aa; KY111314)T / S
PhAN1-like bHLH TF (SG IIIf-1)RiAn1 (2100 nt/699 aa; KY111320)T / S
AmDEL-like bHLH TF (SG IIIf-2)RiDel-1 (1926 nt/641 aa; KY111318)T / -
AmDEL-like bHLH TF (SG IIIf-2)RiDel-2 (1929 nt/642 aa; KY111319)T / -
WD40-repeat proteinRiTTG1 (1035 nt/344 aa; MH460862)T / -
  1. aCloned gene name (nucleotide / amino acid length; GenBank accession number)
  2. bTransient assays (T) / stable transformation (S) were conducted in N. benthamiana