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Table 5 Summary of sensory neuron membrane proteins (SNMPs) identified in C. nigricornis

From: Sex- and tissue-specific transcriptome analyses and expression profiling of olfactory-related genes in Ceracris nigricornis Walker (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Gene name Accession number Full length ORF (bp) Amino acid length (AA) Tm domain Homology match Score E-value Identity (%)
Name Species Accession number
CnigSNMP1 MK976705 Y 1599 532 2 sensory neuron membrane protein 1 Schistocerca gregaria AMS24657.1 631 0 70.93%
CnigSNMP2 MK976706 5′ 876 291 1 sensory neuron membrane protein 2 Schistocerca gregaria AMS24658.1 433 2.00E-146 78.77%
CnigSNMP2a MK976707 3′ 663 220 1 sensory neurone membrane protein SNMP2a Oedaleus asiaticus QAB43878.1 398 5.00E-135 90.00%
  1. The mark of Y, 5′, 3′, and M means that the fragment of the unigene consists of complete open reading frame, 5′-end containing start codon, 3′-end containing stop codon, and the middle part without start and stop codon, respectively