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Table 4 miRNA enrichment analysis of mouse cleft lip genes (FDR < 0.2)

From: MicroRNA-124-3p suppresses mouse lip mesenchymal cell proliferation through the regulation of genes associated with cleft lip in the mouse

miRNA# genesGene symbolsp valueFDR (BH*)
mmu-miR-200a-3p10Ctnnb1, Myh10, Zeb1, Esrp1, Pbx1, Ptch1, Satb2, Sox11, Tfap2a, Tgfbr13.00E-050.053
mmu-miR-141-3p9Myh10, Zeb1, Esrp1, Pbx1, Ptch1, Satb2, Sox11, Tfap2a, Tgfbr11.74E-040.062
mmu-miR-196a-5p6Ednrb, Pbx1, Pbx3, Rpgrip1l, Rspo2, Sox111.41E-040.062
mmu-miR-196b-5p6Ednrb, Pbx1, Pbx3, Rpgrip1l, Rspo2, Sox111.41E-040.062
mmu-miR-7106Cdc42, Ctnnb1, Pbx3, Rpgrip1l, Satb2, Sp81.29E-040.062
mmu-miR-101a-3p10Cdc42, Msx1, Pax9, Pbx3, Ptch1, Rspo2, Sox11, Tbx1, Tgfbr1, Zeb14.77E-040.072
mmu-miR-101b-3p9Cdc42, Msx1, Pbx3, Ptch1, Rspo2, Sox11, Tbx1, Tgfbr1, Zeb15.31E-040.072
mmu-miR-144-3p9Msx1, Pbx3, Ptch1, Rpgrip1l, Rspo2, Sox11, Tbx1, Tgfbr1, Zeb12.72E-040.072
mmu-let-7a-1-3p5Bmpr1a, Cdc42, Ctnnb1, Lrp6, Ptch15.25E-040.072
mmu-let-7b-3p5Bmpr1a, Cdc42, Ctnnb1, Lrp6, Ptch15.25E-040.072
mmu-let-7c-2-3p5Bmpr1a, Cdc42, Ctnnb1, Lrp6, Ptch15.25E-040.072
mmu-let-7f-1-3p5Bmpr1a, Cdc42, Ctnnb1, Lrp6, Ptch15.25E-040.072
mmu-miR-98-3p5Bmpr1a, Cdc42, Ctnnb1, Lrp6, Ptch15.25E-040.072
mmu-miR-181a-5p11Ednrb, Ermp1, Ptch1, Ptpn11, Myh10, Pax9, Pbx1, Pbx3, Rspo2, Sox11, Tgfbr17.27E-040.081
mmu-miR-466 l13Bmp4, Dzip1l, Lrp6, Pax9, Pbx1, Pbx3, Ptpn11, Rspo2, Satb2, Sox11, Tbx1, Wnt9b, Zeb11.26E-030.118
mmu-miR-6865Pbx1, Rpgrip1l, Tgfbr1, Zeb1, Ptch11.40E-030.124
mmu-miR-320-3p7Bmpr1a, Ctnnb1, Lrp6, Pbx1, Pbx3, Satb2, Tgfbr11.49E-030.126
mmu-miR-205-5p6Ext1, Lrp6, Pax9, Pbx1, Satb2, Zeb11.62E-030.131
mmu-miR-49114Cdc42, Ermp1, Esrp1, Fgf8, Kif7, Mks1, Myh10, Pax9, Pbx2, Tbx10, Wdr19, Wnt9b, Zeb1, Sox111.76E-030.136
mmu-miR-142a-3p7Bmpr1a, Ctnnb1, Myh10, Sox11, Sp8, Tgfbr1, Zeb12.45E-030.139
mmu-miR-302c5Ednrb, Pbx3, Tgfbr1, Wnt9b, Zeb12.39E-030.139
mmu-miR-669b5Cdc42, Ext1, Pbx2, Rpgrip1l, Sox112.39E-030.139
mmu-miR-669f9Cdc42, Gldc, Msx1, Pax9, Pbx1, Pbx3, Rspo2, Satb2, Tgfbr12.05E-030.139
mmu-miR-12416Bmpr1a, Ctnnb1, Ednrb, Esrp1, Folr1, Gldc, Hhat, Ift88, Lrp6, Myh10, Pax9, Pbx1, Ptpn11, Rspo2, Zeb1, Tgfbr12.91E-030.149
mmu-miR-124-3p13Cdc42, Pbx3, Sp8, Bmpr1a, Ednrb, Ermp1, Esrp1, Ift88, Lrp6, Myh10, Ptpn11, Tgfbr1, Zeb12.95E-030.149
mmu-miR-374c-5p7Esrp1, Myh10, Pbx3, Ptch1, Ptpn11, Sp8, Zeb13.34E-030.165
mmu-miR-425-5p6Pbx1, Ptch1, Ptpn11, Rpgrip1l, Tgfbr1, Satb23.79E-030.174
mmu-miR-673-5p5Sox11, Ctnnb1, Pax9, Rpgrip1l, Sp83.81E-030.174
mmu-miR-142-5p6Cdc42, Ctnnb1, Pax9, Pbx3, Rpgrip1l, Trp633.64E-030.174
mmu-miR-543-3p6Ermp1, Myh10, Pbx1, Pbx3, Ptch1, Rspo24.58E-030.194
mmu-miR-340-5p24Bbs7, Bmp4, Bmpr1a, Cdc42, Ermp1, Esrp1, Gldc, Lrp6, Mks1, Msx1, Pbx1, Pbx2, Pbx3, Rpgrip1l, Rspo2, Sox11, Tgfbr1, Tmem107, Trp53, Trp63, Wdr19, Zeb1, Myh10, Ptch14.98E-030.198
mmu-miR-23a-3p8Ednrb, Esrp1, Pax9, Pbx1, Rpgrip1l, Satb2, Sox11, Zeb15.13E-030.198
mmu-miR-23b-3p8Ednrb, Esrp1, Pax9, Pbx1, Rpgrip1l, Satb2, Sox11, Zeb15.07E-030.198
  1. * FDR (false discovery rate): the p-values were corrected using the Benjamini–Hochberg multiple test correction [69]