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Table 2 Characteristics of barley genes and transcripts in BaRTv1.0. Percentages given are of total number of genes or transcripts

From: BaRTv1.0: an improved barley reference transcript dataset to determine accurate changes in the barley transcriptome using RNA-seq

Number of genes60,444
Number of predicted transcripts177,240
Single exon genes25,719 (43%)
Multi exon genes34,725 (57%)
Single transcript genes39,534 (65%)
Single exon transcripts27,754 (16%)
Multi-Exon transcripts149,486 (84%)
Number of Multi-exonic genes with alternative transcript variants20910 (60%)
Mean number of transcripts per gene2.93
Number of distinct exons466,247
Mean number of distinct exons per gene7.7
Mean transcript locus size (first to last exon) (nt)5,633
Mean exon size (nt)573