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Table 2 Annotation of gravitropism-related DEGs identified in pairwise comparisons of stages in developmental aerial stem-to-rhizome transition of Gynostemma pentaphyllum

From: Integrated transcriptome and miRNA analysis uncovers molecular regulators of aerial stem-to-rhizome transition in the medical herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Gene IDGene namelog2 Fold ChangeAnnotation
Stage 1 vs Stage 2Stage 2 vs Stage 3Stage 1 vs Stage 3
c47850.graph_c0GpYUCCA-a0.730.441.22aIndole-3-pyruvate monooxygenase
c48164.graph_c0GpYUCCA-b1.13a0.712.02aIndole-3-pyruvate monooxygenase
c51192.graph_c0GpLAZY11.34a0.111.43aLAZY 1
c54974.graph_c0GpARP2/31.48a0.582.09aActin related protein 2/3 complex
  1. aDEGs with FDR < 0.01, |log2 fold change| ≥1