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Table 5 Statistics of small RNA-Seq data and mapping

From: Integrated transcriptome and miRNA analysis uncovers molecular regulators of aerial stem-to-rhizome transition in the medical herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum

LibraryCleaned ReadsQ30 (%)Mapped ReadsRatio
Stage 1–125,419,86499.5217,280,65367.98%
Stage 1–227,725,31499.5120,788,38874.98%
Stage 1–332,083,77299.4724,038,27174.92%
Stage 2–129,680,31698.9722,967,95577.38%
Stage 2–227,980,95298.7320,590,37673.59%
Stage 2–327,524,01598.9219,633,00571.33%
Stage 3–128,148,31599.4721,457,79476.23%
Stage 3–258,751,07698.6939,615,21067.43%
Stage 3–324,532,38999.5018,087,57073.73%
  1. Q30 (%): bases with a quality value > 30; Ratio: the ratio of mapped reads to cleaned reads