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Table 6 Number of samples used in the GWAS and GSA analyses and summary statistics for RFI

From: Combining information from genome-wide association and multi-tissue gene expression studies to elucidate factors underlying genetic variation for residual feed intake in Australian Angus cattle

Dataset (analysis)NMeanSDMinMax
Genotyped Steers (GWAS)2190−2.111.66−9.34.2
Bull liver (A-bulls: GSA)270.160.99−1.431.89
Bull muscle (D-bulls: GSA)47−0.020.96−1.962.62
Heifers & Steers blood-liver (H-cohort: GSA)52−0.0040.81−1.841.87
  1. SD: standard deviation, Min: minimum value, Max: maximum value, GSA: gene significantly associated, GWAS: genome-wide association studies