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Table 1 Summary of the N. cucumeris genome assembly statistics

From: Genomic insights into mite phylogeny, fitness, development, and reproduction

Total length of sequencing reads51.75 Gb
Average sequencing depth and coverage of the assembly287 X and 98.14%
Number of scaffolds (> 1000 bp)1173
Total length of scaffolds (> 1000 bp)173,051,269 bp
N50 scaffold length1572,811 bp
N90 scaffold length356,753 bp
The longest scaffold length9,949,812 bp
Number of contigs3715
Total length of contigs171,084,239 bp
N50 contig length222,916 bp
N90 contig length29,715 bp
The longest contig length1,906,184
Number of gaps2542
Total length of gaps1,967,030 bp
The longest gap length16,194 bp
Estimated genome size173 MB