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Table 7 Tools selected in this study

From: Improving CRISPR guide design with consensus approaches

Tool Availability Approach Language Training Dataset
Cas-Designer (8 May 2018) Tool website Procedural Python  
mm10 CRISPR Database (92d208c) GitHub Procedural Python / C  
PhytoCRISP-Ex (v1.0) Tool website Procedural Perl / Bash  
WU-CRISPR (7107166) GitHub ML Perl Doench
sgRNA Scorer 2.0 Tool website ML Python Other
FlashFry (2 July 2018) GitHub ML Java Doench and one other
TUSCAN (offline edition - 24 January 2019) By request ML Python Doench and four others
SSC (v0.1) Sourceforge ML C Wang and four others
CHOPCHOP (384743c) BitBucket Both Python Wang or Doench or other
  1. ML is Machine Learning; TUSCAN and SSC combined the listed training datasets as one; CHOPCHOP and FlashFry provide each of the listed efficacy scoring models; CHOPCHOP offers efficacy scoring via a procedural approach. The italicised text in the ‘Tool’ column is the git hash to identify which version of the tool was used. Similarly, for the date obtained or version number indicated