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Table 1 Comparison of intestinal antioxidant status1 of laying hens between groups2 (n = 8)

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals mechanism underlying the differential intestinal functionality of laying hens in the late phase and peak phase of production

(U/mg prot.)
(U/mg prot.)
(U/mg prot.)
(nmol/mg prot.)
(nmol/mg prot.)
PP65.84 ± 10.29a106.78 ± 30.97a11.80 ± 1.15a24.91 ± 8.193.33 ± 0.58b
LP52.99 ± 8.08b77.95 ± 20.51b8.49 ± 1.18b20.69 ± 7.604.32 ± 0.74a
P-value0.0150.046< 0.0010.3040.010
  1. a,b Values with different superscripts within the same column differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  2. 1 T-SOD total superoxide dismutase, GST glutathione S-transferase, T-AOC total antioxidant capacity, GSH reduced glutathione, MDA malondialdehyde
  3. 2 PP laying hens in the peak phase of production, LP laying hens in the late phase of production