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Table 1 Summary of discovered NUMTs in the different studies analysed; results for the 1000 GP dataset are taken from Dayama et al. [8]

From: Archaic mitochondrial DNA inserts in modern day nuclear genomes

Study1000 GP [8]SGDP (Oceanian samples)Vernot et al.IGDP
Analysed samples946 (1000 GP) 53 (HGDP)2535161
Coverage4−6 (1000 GP) 5−20 (HGDP)30−4030−4030−40
NUMTs per sample1.516.0 ±613.4 ±3.316.8 ±10.2
Total NUMTs14993994704035
Distinct NUMTs1411711211062
Study-specific NUMTs11512881975
  1. Distinct NUMTs: amount of different NUMTs found in each study.
  2. Study-specific NUMTs: amount of distinct NUMTs not found in any other study