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Table 1 Heritabilities, accuracy of EBVs and GEBVs, and the percentage of genetic variation explained by SNP markers (%VA) for branch-cluster frequency, stem straightness, internal checking and external resin bleeding when using documented or SNP-corrected pedigrees

From: Genomic selection for non-key traits in radiata pine when the documented pedigree is corrected using DNA marker information

Statistical modelPedigreeGenetic parameterBranch-cluster frequencyStem straightnessInternal checkingExternal resin bleeding
ABLUPDocumented\( {h}_a^2 \)
SNP-corrected\( {h}_a^2 \)
GBLUPDocumented\( {h}_m^2 \)
 \( {h}_{am}^2 \)
SNP-corrected\( {h}_m^2 \)
\( {h}_{am}^2 \)
  1. \( {h}_a^2 \): heritability from ABLUP, \( {h}_m^2 \): marker-based heritability from GBLUP, \( {h}_{am}^2 \): the combined heritability based on variance explained by SNP markers and residual additive genetic variance from GBLUP. Heritabilities and residual variances reported here are the average across seven sites for branch-cluster frequency and stem straightness, and across four sites for internal checking and external resin bleeding