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Fig. 2

From: Overexpression of a modified eIF4E regulates potato virus Y resistance at the transcriptional level in potato

Fig. 2

Abundance of native and endogenous eIF4E allele transcripts in the ATLWT and ATL07 datasets. All samples presented in this study are shown in the boxplot. Transcript abundance was measured as transcripts per million (TPM). Average values and standard deviation for each dataset are shown to the left of each box. The central horizontal lines in each box represent the median while the bottom and top lines represent the first and third quartile, respectively. a Overall abundance of the eIF4E transcript levels in ATLWT and ATL07 plants. Each point represents the TPM value for each treatment (Mock, PVYO, and PVYN:O). The levels of eIF4E were significantly different in both treatments (p > 2.2 e-16). b comparison of the abundance of potato4E:pvr12 transcripts bearing the T209A (top), T245G (middle), and G334A (bottom) mutations, or native (WT) eIF4E transcripts, in transgenic ATL07 (left) or ATLWT (right) plants following mock inoculation or inoculation with PVYO or PVYN:O

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